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Welcome to my blog!


It’s in these pages that I get the chance to talk about the things which I think matter in mental (and physical) health.  Different approaches, new ideas and current news on all things which work towards improving our well-being.

It’s a chance for me to be less formal and more personal so that you get a sense of who I am as a counsellor and supervisor.

I write about things that interest me so that could be Eco-therapy, Mindfulness or Chinese Medicine. But it will also cover more general things such as stress management, supporting mental health initiatives and major happenings such as dealing with a pandemic!

Views expressed are my own and my style is light-hearted and informal.  I take the issues seriously but not myself.

So please read on….

If you are missing a hug get hygge

If you are missing a hug get hygge

Self-Care I am a huge advocate of self-care which I know is a buzz word that seems to be everywhere – even I do an eye-roll when I see yet another self-care activity.  It’s EXHAUSTING keeping up with it all.  And it’s especially so at New Year.  So far I have...

Happy New Notebook

Happy New Notebook

I'll let you into a secret.  I'm really not a fan of New Year's Eve.  Having been brought up living in a pub it's always felt false and over the top.  So last night it didn't matter to me that I was staying in on New Year's Eve.  It's what I do most New Year's to be...