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Relax – don’t DO it

It’s Sunday and I’m wondering how I’m going to spend the day.  It’s been a busy week with work and family stuff and my head is scattered and unfocussed.  In an effort to help my husband asked “what do you need to do to relax?”.  I’ll be honest, I was a bit flummoxed!  I’m really good at asking this of my clients but realised that I’d forgotten to address this issue myself.

I went through the usual suspects; go for a walk, go for a coffee, head for the gym but none of them hit the mark today.  They just didn’t feel right.  So instead I decided to do things a little differently, I went and sat in a different part of the house with a book and a magazine.

The art of daydreaming

The room faces out onto our garden (eclectic at best but green at least) and I just lay on the sofa for a while listening to the birds and the wind!  Then it launched it down with rain and I just enjoyed being inside watching the weather unfold, ever changing.  Grey and rainy one minute, sunny the next.  We do have interesting weather in this country!   It was great to just pause for a while, watch the clouds gather and disperse and just day-dream.  When did I forget to do that!!  I also realised I hadn’t looked at my phone for hours!!  Perhaps that explained the fact that I felt a little calmer, less busy in my head.

We are constantly bombarded with information saying “Buy this”, “Do this”, “Don’t eat that”, ” you MUST have this”.  I don’t think I’m on my own when I say it gets a little tiring and overwhelming.  So maybe in future what I need to do to relax is let go of the “doing” stuff.  The stimulation and incessant mental chatter created by technology keeps me hooked into “busyness”.  But the thing is …I don’t always want to be busy.  Sometimes I just want to daydream……