Just do it.... - Manchester Mind Matters

Good intentions

I’ve been meaning to start a counselling/well-being blog for ages but in fairness have just been putting it off! Procrastination you might say! I have found all manner of excuses. “I don’t know what to write about, I’ve nothing interesting to say, I have a new website and don’t know how to add a blog”. But, there comes a time when you have to face those fears and JUST DO IT! Whatever it is. Whether it be committing to going to the gym, clearing your clutter, going for a walk every day, or not using your phone as much. I guess we all have things we desperately want to change but very often don’t. Change is hard, as is commitment. Perhaps I knew if I started a blog I’d have to continue to do it. My inner critic was saying “ah but you won’t keep it up, you’ll be too tired. You’ll get bored of it, you usually do, don’t bother”. So I didn’t for a while and yet somehow it was always on my “to do”list.


I started to think how I would actually feel if I did write a blog. Happy, motivated and maybe a little bit proud of myself. From that I started to consider how I might make it happen. What resources did I need? (Lap top and word press instructions). I also needed to schedule some time to do it (a quiet Sunday afternoon when I had little else planned). But the most important thing I needed what to just sit down and START. What’s the worst that could happen? I didn’t manage it – ok that’s fine. I wouldn’t understand what I was doing? Then I’d need to seek advice from the website company. And so here I am, one quiet Sunday, having got my lap top, read through my wordpress guide (well I only read a bit because I don’t do instructions!!) and clicked on “new post”. The rest as they say…is history.