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Self-Care Week 2020

I didn’t actually intend to re-launch my website during Self-Care Week but sometimes the universe offers you a gift!  I didn’t have to look far for a theme for a new blog post to accompany my new website! Or a subject for my new newsletter.  Lots of “new” here!  So I decided to ponder self-care and think of something interesting and innovative to write….And here lies the problem.  Self-care is EVERYWHERE!  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.  Quite the reverse!  It’s good we all know what it means and are employing a variety of means to facilitate this worthwhile activity.  However, as I pondered some more I just thought….people aren’t going to want to hear this.  They’ve heard it all before.  For example, I thought I’d tell you of the lovely self-care things I’ve done today:

My Self-Care 

  1. Used the Calm app to do it’s “Daily Calm” meditation. 10 minutes of a lovely Canadian lady called Tamara whose soothing voice, gentle instructions and positive quotes all help to shape the start of my day.
  2. Practiced some Qigong with the infectious Katie Brindle on Instagram. The daily minute of laughing is still a work in progress for me but the tapping and stretching all serve to get my body out of its slumber and into action (ok action might be too strong a word but into some movement!!).
  3. Phoned a friend (what is this? Millionaire?). Actually, I zoomed her, but it doesn’t quite allow for the joke.  I enjoyed just a little social connection which is so important for me as I work from home.
  4. Snoozed on the sofa in front of the fire after a Jasmine Hemsley sound bath meditation. Two meditations in one day! I know!  Even I’m shocked!

But then I heard you say….so what?  Because the thing about self-care is that it’s personal and it’s yours.  I could sit here until the cows come home and tell you how to do it but if it doesn’t fit who you are, then you just aren’t going to invest.

Your Self-Care

So what I am saying is….find something that you enjoy.  If I was to ask you what you would like to do now what would you say?  What would make you happy in this moment?  I know that some of your answers won’t be possible, so we have to dial it down to something realistic but truly you.  That might be doing ABSOLUTELY nothing at all.  Sitting staring out of the window watching the clouds drift by.  Doing nothing CAN be self-care.  It might be abseiling down a cliff face or baking a batch of cupcakes.  It might even be dressing up as an Elf to make the children laugh (well I had to get the elf in somewhere otherwise I’d have no title!!)

For some people, it might just mean taking a moment to think about what self-care means to you.  Often people are so busy they don’t have time to consider these things or end up following the crowd.  I marvel at people who go out for a run at the crack of dawn to get fit, healthy and for self-care but it just isn’t me.  I will never be someone who meditates for an hour a day in total silence.  But what I have found is that I can commit to a short 10-minute meditation.  In fact I have grown to love it.  Similarly, I surprise myself by responding enthusiastically to my gentle qigong online class with a group of people who meet to stretch, tap and laugh on a daily basis – thanks Qigang!

So make sure you look after your elf!


www.calm.com   Free 7 day trial

https://www.instagram.com/katie_brindle/channel/?hl=en  Free Qigong class 8am Monday to Friday

https://www.instagram.com/jasminehemsley/?hl=en  Free sound bath meditation Monday to Friday at 12.15pm.